Friday, 27 February 2009

The Gap Band - Y2K Funkin' Yil 2000 Comz - 1999 - Private I

This album may have been a bit too 'street' for a lot of Gappers out there, and the guys had, by this point, started forging links into the Hip Hop community with liaisons with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Case and others. Well, this 1999 album contained a few heavy funk tracks with rap from said Dogg, and to be honest I loved them! The Cd also has more than enough quality soul moments too, and I would rate this CD as one of their best ever. The album is the last group effort, which is a shame, and Charlie has well and truly made his mark as a solo artist now with four solo sets. We can hear where Charlie was heading on here. I don't mind as he can carry it off - goodness knows, everyone and their dog stole his vocal style in the 90s didn't they?! The first song on here is a hard piece of booty shaking G-Funk with plenty of - dare I cal lit such - OL' Skool sensibilities. The beats hit hard, the bass is low and the funky guitar licks act as a great setting and The Wilson Brothers are more than up to this late '90s Hip Hop Funk groove. Snoop drops his lyrics and does a great job I have to say - his southern, laid back nonchalant drawl is just right on this party groove.

I bet, though, many would prefer the more typical Gap cut, "Baby I Remember Your Face". Very 90s, yet still a classy, traditional Gap cut through and through. My favourite song is the KILLER midtempo "Good Old Fashion Lovin'". If ever the boys made a drop-dead essential track then this is definitely it! This is synthy soul with a chilled out muted trumpet - the track steals the show completely - but is spoiled with a remix at the end of the CD. Avoid that version! One for the kids! LOL. Saying that, the hard groove of "Scandalous" with it's House Of Pain sample hits as hard as a Cypress Hill cut but with real soul. Charlie lays down the law here and is aided by a scornful Snoop who drops in a few rhymes along the way. This is very modern but still very strong. "Messin' With My Flow" is more sparse and less bass-heavy and is a typical upbeat Gap effort, whereas "Style And Grace" returns to familiar territory. "Y2K" was a very strong album from a well-established group looking to develop and ply their sound to a younger generation. the great thing is, it worked well and still the more conservative ears such as mine had some more than credible moments. Don't let this one disappear.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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